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More heartbeat? Increase productivity with Rolling Leaf's custom software solutions

From the smallest consulting organization, to EMC's and Co-Ops,
to the largest electric utility corporation,
we can craft any software solution to your specific needs.

30% Increase in Productivity

Rolling Leaf clients report an average 30% increase in productivity when using our software. Increased productivity increases efficiency and frees up capital.

How? We craft your software from scratch for your unique needs—streamlining usability by avoiding counter productive features.

When regulations prevent increased profits, increasing freed-up capital is the answer to your budgetary challenges.

For More Heartbeat

Late night movies, cool air conditioning, and robotically-assisted surgery are just a few ways the electric utility gives hometown America life. Truly, the power utility is hometown America's heartbeat.

At Rolling Leaf, our passion for America's heartbeat drives us. Whether that is increasing process efficiencies or supporting the families of fallen linemen, we are deeply committed to doing whatever it takes to strengthen America's heartbeat. To us, you're not just clients. You are family.

Trusted Experience

For more than 10 years, Rolling Leaf and its employees have been serving the power utility as field workers and software engineers.

We don't just know software. With our industry specific experience, we also understand the unique challenges and culture of today's electric utility. Our real world credentials enable us to incorporate insight and innovation into the efficiency of your software solution.

When competitors don't know the difference between a NJUNS code and an engine's code, power utilities trust Rolling Leaf.


Every power utility faces unique challenges, and every utility has significant capital invested in unique software systems to meet those needs.

Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your current software systems which saves time and thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacement costs.


Software solutions as unique as your needs require.

No matter what your software needs are, Rolling Leaf custom builds your solution from the ground up to meet your specific requirements. Customized solutions increase user productivity and integrate seamlessly into existing software systems.